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CanPower Skate
CanPower Skate is an action-packed, high energy instructional power skating program geared to hockey and ringette skaters that focuses on balance, power, agility, speed and endurance. Skills, techniques and conditioning drills are taught in a progressive format that emphasizes how the skills apply to game situations. Its unique skill award program provides incentives and motivation for skaters to continue to achieve. CanPowerSkate is geared to skaters aged approximately seven or older who may already be playing hockey and want to increase their skills, or who have strong basic skating skills and want to improve so they can play hockey. Skaters must wear full hockey equipment that is CSA approved. The coach to skater ratio is 1:10.

Pre-CanSkate is for beginning skaters, ages 3-5 who have never skated before. Pre-CanSkate prepares little skaters for
hockey and figure skating, and is necessary for skaters hoping to advance to a Power Skating program. Pre-CanSkate focuses on fun, participation and basic skill development. Skaters earn stickers and badges as they learn fundamental skating skills. Lessons are taught in a group format by certified coaches and assistants. Skaters progress at their own rate and coaches use teaching aids, music and a wide variety of activities to create a fun learning environment. All skaters MUST wear CSA Approved Helmets with facemask, warm clothing, mittens and skates that have good ankle support.

Pre-Power Skating is available after 1 year of Pre-CanSkate and will focus on skills relevant to hockey. This program is appropriate for skaters who want to play hockey in the future, and for those who are already playing but want to continue to improve their skatings skills. All skaters required hockey gear and stick and MUST wear CSA approved helmets with facemask.

The CanSkate program is open to children with previous skating experience (any age) and 6 year olds with no previous skating experience. CanSkate is a seven-stage program that starts with the basic skating skills and progresses in difficulty and skill level. The program runs for 50 minutes once a week, and is taught by Professional Coaches and qualified Program Assistants. Skaters are grouped by skill level and work at stations that focus on 1. speed (going forward, backward and stopping), 2. edge control, 3. turns and spins and 4. jumps. Each evening the skater will work at 2 of these 4 stations. The Stirling Figure Skating Club is running a newer version of CanSkate which also includes additional elements for hockey skills. Awards and incentives are used to motivate skaters and to keep their interest. Competition opportunities begin at this level. Skaters up to and including CanSkate 5 MUST wear CSA Approved Helmets.

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STAR 1-5 – Parent Guide Click Here
Congratulations on being the parent of a figure skater; the STAR 1-5 competition program is where figure skating begins! The STAR competition program is comprised of five different levels of events for skaters who have completed the CanSkate program.  It introduces participants to key components of figure skating including performance, assessment, and competition. STAR 1-5 fits into the Learn to Train level of Skate Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development Model (LTADM).

Each stage of this national program emphasizes key skills such as turns, stroking, jumps, spins, and different aspects of performance that have been designated by figure skating experts as necessary for development and progression in our sport. It is important to note that every skater is unique and will advance at different rates due to various factors such as growth spurts and participation.  To accommodate individual needs, the STAR 1-5 competition program is designed to be fluid and allow skaters to progress at their own pace, even skipping levels if appropriate; skaters may move through several levels in a season or stay at the same level – it’s all dependent on individual athlete development!  At all stages and levels, parents should discuss their skater’s progress with their coach to determine the best options for them.

STARSkate (Figure Skating Test Stream)
STARSkate stands for Skills, Tests, Achievement and Recognition Program. Our STARSkate program offers opportunities for skaters to develop basic to advanced skating skills in four different areas: Dance, Free Skating, Skills and Interpretive. Skills introduced in the CanSkate Program are refined in STARSkate, as skaters advance through a series of tests in each of the four disciplines, through Junior, Intermediate and Senior test levels. Programs are taught via private and semi-private lessons with Professional coaches. Group stroking lessons are provided by the club and included in your session fee. Private coaching costs are not included in the session fees. Skaters can also choose to showcase their developing skills in a variety of competitive settings. In the STARSkate program, skaters are learning advanced figure skating techniques. For more information, talk to any of our coaches.